Aberdeen Reports on Attack Prevention

Aberdeen Group research reveals that a strategic approach to encryption and key management reduces data security incidents

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- PGP Corporation, a global leader in enterprise data protection, today announced that results of third-party research by the Aberdeen Group show that a strategic encryption approach increases the protection of sensitive data and reduces data security incidents. This research validates the use of award-winning PGP® Encryption Platform. Deployed with the first PGP® application installed, the PGP Encryption Platform enables enterprises to roll out encryption in phases as business requirements emerge and evolve.

Aberdeen’s latest research found that the top 20 percent of surveyed organizations had made significant strides in data protection compared to a year ago:

  • 64% increased the total percentage of sensitive data identified
  • 82% decreased the number of data security incidents due to inconsistent encryption and key management policies
  • 72% increased their ability to provide reliable access to data by reducing mismanagement of encryption keys

According to the new research, these forward thinking organizations were 1.6 times more likely to take a strategic approach to data protection by adopting an enterprise-wide policy of encryption and key management.

“It’s clear that adopting a strategic approach to encryption and key management is enabling enterprises to increase the protection of data and operate more efficiently,” explained Derek Brink, VP & research director, IT Security at Aberdeen Group, who developed the research. “The trend being established by ‘best-in-class’ organizations is toward a comprehensive, managed approach to encryption and away from individual, point applications. These organizations are setting the direction for the rest of the industry to follow.”

PGP Corp.

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