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Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network Helps Customers Block, Detect and Respond to Advanced Threats

Unification of Products and Labs Produces Single Stream of Web and Malware Threat Intelligence to Deliver Unprecedented Protection While Reducing the Total Cost of Security

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 24, 2015Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in enterprise security, today announced that its cloud-based Global Intelligence Network now integrates Blue Coat’s entire portfolio, including the Norman Shark sandboxing technology and Solera Networks forensics and incident response products recently acquired by Blue Coat. All products now feed and receive threat information on a continuous basis, providing security professionals real-time intelligence that allows them to more effectively blocks threats. This leads to reduced attacks and a more effective Advanced Threat Defense.

The collective intelligence garnered by the Global Intelligence Network allows Blue Coat customers to proactively block threats and reduce samples that lead to false alarms – a reduction of 99.9 percent. This allows them to zero in on, and respond to, the most potentially destructive threats while also reducing costs.

According to recent Ponemon Institute research, “two-thirds of the time spent by security staff responding to malware alerts is wasted because of faulty intelligence. It costs organizations an average of $1.27 million annually in time wasted responding to erroneous or inaccurate malware alerts.” By delivering the highest levels of accuracy to block both known and unknown threats, Blue Coat enables organizations to reduce false security alarms and their associated operational costs.

“With aggressive product development and acquisitions, we have brought together our portfolio in a way that allows each product to be enhanced by the presence of the other products in the portfolio, which is acquisition and R&D nirvana,” said Michael Fey, Blue Coat president and COO. “Blue Coat customers now have the most powerful solution for full network visibility and advanced threat defense in the industry. By helping them see clearly, and protecting them against unknown threats almost instantaneously, our customers gain a level of protection no other single vendor can deliver.”

In addition to product integration, Blue Coat has fortified its threat research capabilities adding researchers with world-class expertise across key areas of information security. Blue Coat Labs combines the company’s WebPulse research, which taps the collective intelligence of more than 15,000 global enterprises, with new expertise and technology from Norman Shark for malware analysis and Solera Networks for security analytics. The result is unparalleled, real-time protection from the rapidly changing threat landscape that has been shown to block more than 99 percent of known and emerging threats. This high degree of accuracy dramatically reduces advanced threat payloads, resulting in lower capacity and capital costs required for malware inspection with sandboxing solutions.

Blue Coat’s unique threat visibility has already fueled research on new threats to protect customers and inform the industry, including Blue Coat Labs’ discovery of The Inception Framework, a highly sophisticated, layered malware attack targeting military, diplomats, and business executives.

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