Workstream Deploys Third Brigade

Third Brigade announced the deployment of its software by Workstream

OTTAWA and RESTON, Va. -- Third Brigade (, a security software company that specializes in intrusion prevention systems (IPS), today announced the deployment of its software by Workstream Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTM). An On-Demand Enterprise Workforce Management company, Workstream provides a range of hosted HR-related applications to a growing list of customers across North America.

As a provider of hosted web-based applications for Human Resource departments, Workstream is focused on protecting its customers’ sensitive corporate and employee information used in the administration of functions such as recruitment, benefits, compensation and performance. Working with Third Brigade, Workstream customer information is effectively protected using proven, practical security approaches that ensure security of the sensitive data that is housed in the hosted environment. IPS is recognized as a security best-practice and complements the Company’s defense-in-depth strategy.

“Workstream constantly evaluates products that will further improve the performance and value proposition of our applications. Third Brigade Deep Security helps ensure the 24x7 availability of our mission-critical online applications,” said Mike Gioja, CIO at Workstream. “Third Brigade protects sensitive customer data and allows us to more quickly deliver best-of-breed products and services to our customers, while maintaining the highest security standards.”

Protecting custom-built applications from attackers that might try to exploit a known or unknown vulnerability is complex and requires a special approach. Third Brigade’s IPS is flexible and responsive: it predicts the ways in which an attacker might try to exploit a vulnerability in the system, and it proactively prevents attacks before they reach the host.

“Third Brigade’s solution was architected to support the demanding, operational requirements of companies like Workstream that have high standards and expectations with respect to the performance and availability of their custom-built applications,” said Wael Mohamed, President and CEO of Third Brigade.

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