Wick Hill Distributes Array

Wick Hill appointed value added distributor for Array Networks' range of SSL VPN, business continuity, and application acceleration products

LONDON -- A true remote access business continuity plan, based around high performance, scalable SSL VPNs, is being launched in the UK by SSL VPN vendor Array Networks and its new value added distributor Wick Hill.

The Array Business Continuity (ABC) Flex Plan allows workers to access business critical applications and resources on the corporate network anytime, anywhere, when circumstances prevent them getting into the office. This may be due to natural disasters such as avian flu, terror threats or other business interruptions such as transport disruption, bad weather, or seasonal events (e.g., student registration).

These events require a robust, fully featured and highly scalable remote access solution to avoid interruptions that can result in work stoppage, high costs and loss of revenue for businesses. The Array Business Continuity Flex Plan has been specifically designed to address a wide range of potential business interruption events with no intervention required, i.e., no phone calls, IT interaction or advance license purchases are required.

It is an insurance plan that provides instantaneous scalability of users up to system maximum capacities. Since Array's SPX SSL VPN systems scale far higher than the nearest competitor, companies have ample capacity to add users without requiring IT departments to scramble to add extra hardware or worse, to purchase additional hardware systems just to ensure needed capacity is available. The Array Business Continuity Flex Plan can be activated anytime for a modest fee and the customer only pays a usage fee if and when additional users access the system.

Array Networks Inc.

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