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UN Watchdog: Nuclear Plants Disrupted By Cyberattack

IAEA director Yukiya Amano says cyber threats to nuclear plants are "not an imaginary risk."

Cybercriminals disrupted the functioning of a nuclear power plant two to three years ago, reports Reuters, quoting Yukiya Amano, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Amano was speaking on the seriousness of cyber threats and a need to tighten security during a visit to Germany. He also cited a four-year-old case in which an individual attempted to smuggle a small amount of highly-enriched uranium that could have been used to build a so-called "dirty bomb."

Amano’s comments come amid increasing possibility of militants targeting nuclear facilities ever since the discovery of a malware that targets industrial controls. Several incidents of cyberattacks have come to light including the 2014 compromise of a South Korea plant and April 2016 breach of the Gundremmingen facility, according to Reuters.

"This issue of cyber attacks on nuclear-related facilities or activities should be taken very seriously. We never know if we know everything or if it's the tip of the iceberg," Amano said.

Read full story on Reuters.

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