Startup Focuses on On-Demand Breaches

OutProtect stops theft of downloaded data by authorized users of on-demand applications, beginning with

ST. LOUIS -- OutProtect, the first provider of endpoint data leakage protection solutions for on-demand applications, today announced the launch of its company and on-demand service designed to protect companies from the theft of downloaded data by authorized users of on-demand applications. The solution itself is also offered on-demand and is immediately available for download and purchase by customers via the AppExchange.

“More and more companies are moving mission critical information to on-demand applications and relying on unenforceable data usage policies for protection. Meanwhile, authorized users of on-demand applications are constantly downloading and removing valuable information without the knowledge or authorization of the company,” said Chris Elbring, chief executive officer for OutProtect. “On-demand applications reside outside of the corporate firewall, so traditional data protection solutions are ineffective. Encryption technologies, often praised as the solution, don’t solve this problem as authorized users have the keys to the data and can easily remove it. Companies needed a way to take back control of their downloaded on-demand data.”

OutProtect prevents employee theft of downloaded on-demand application data, beginning with the Downloaded Data Guard product for users of This comprehensive solution blocks the removal of files without the company’s knowledge or authorization by controlling, monitoring and managing the use of files download on user’s PCs or laptops. In addition, downloaded data is easily deleted should an employee leave the company or if a PC/laptop is lost or stolen. With alerts, logs and reports integrated into, companies are in a position to leverage this functionality to support their regulatory compliance efforts such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA. Because the solution is offered as an on-demand service, OutProtect installs instantly with no infrastructure requirements and requires minimal on-going administration.

“Employees removing proprietary data, such as customer lists, when they leave the company is something many people believe happens, but they can never prove it… much less stop it,” said Jim Eberlin, chief executive officer at Host Analytics. “With more and more applications delivered over the web and data removal technology getting faster, smaller and cheaper, it’s time for people to realize this is a major threat. Not only do you need to protect your data for competitive reasons, but now compliance is a huge issue. OutProtect is the only company I’ve seen to date that can protect downloaded data from internal theft. It’s a solution that is long overdue.”


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