PGP Adds Secure Delivery Options

PGP Corporation enables broad range of solutions for secure communications

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- PGP Corporation, a global leader in enterprise data protection, today announced a variety of solutions that enable organizations to securely communicate in an unpredictable world. Many organizations need to send private customer communications such as account activity statements, policy updates, grades, and enrollment information, but are constrained by the infrastructure of their recipient. Although some businesses can require their partners to use a preferred communication environment, they often cannot know, predict, or dictate their customers’ infrastructure. PGP Corporation has responded to this need by building on PGP Universal™ Gateway Email. These technological developments resulted in Secure Delivery solutions, new and existing offerings that enable the delivery of safe and encrypted communications without requiring additional installed software. These new solutions further extend PGP Corporation’s market leadership in secure email.

“For more than 4 years, PGP Corporation has enabled enterprises to send and receive secure messages using standard Web browsers, an innovation that has met the requirements for many global brands. The new solutions dramatically expand our capabilities, recognizing the need for business to demonstrate their commitment to protecting their customer’s privacy,” said Phillip Dunkelberger, president and chief executive officer of PGP Corporation. “We’re pleased to deliver these customer-driven solutions to the market, enabling businesses to realize their enterprise data protection strategies of securing data wherever it goes regardless of device, infrastructure, or operating system.”

PGP Universal Gateway Email, now featuring a range of Secure Delivery solutions, provides standards-based email encryption for secure communication with customers and partners. Based on highly configurable encryption rules, emails and their attachments are secured as they enter and leave the enterprise network. The application is highly regarded for its unique ability to apply centrally defined email encryption policies, making it ideal for audit, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Using the Secure Delivery solutions, enterprises that send an electronic message do not require or need to specify a special client because end user recipients need only the software they already have installed and know how to use—a mail client, a Web browser, and standard PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader—to securely receive, read, and reply to messages. Corporate policies are automatically applied to outgoing messages and uniformly enforced for compliance. With all Secure Delivery options, opening a message requires the authorized recipient to self-authenticate, which ensures only the intended user can read the message. Based on the Secure Delivery policy selected by an enterprise, the receipt of a message can be automatically logged to satisfy compliance and audit requirements.

There are three Secure Delivery options available with PGP Universal Gateway Email:

  • PGP Universal Web Messenger – existing capability that enables message delivery through a Web email interface

  • PDF Messenger – new functionality for delivering encrypted PDFs that can be opened using a standard PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Certified Delivery – new functionality that records or logs successful secure message delivery

The above functionality uses software that is already installed and familiar to the end user .

Customers See the Value of Secure Delivery Solutions

Career Education Corporation (CEC) offers high-quality education to approximately 90,000 students at more than 75 colleges, schools, and universities around the world. "We've already integrated PGP Universal Web Messenger secure delivery into our Privacy Protection System for protecting confidential information in outgoing email," says Michael Gabriel, corporate information security officer for CEC. "That's why we're very excited about using the new PDF Messenger and Certified Delivery Secure Delivery options. These options will enable us to securely deliver grades and enrollment information and communicate with students, faculty, and alumni using best-in-class encryption to protect our reputation."

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