Freedom9 Picks Mistletoe

Freedom9 selected Mistletoe Technologies for their next generation of VPN/firewall appliances

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Mistletoe Technologies, Inc., developer of the industry's first complete Security System-on-a-Chip (SoC) featuring VPN, firewall and Denial of Service prevention applications in silicon, today announced that freedom9, a leading provider of IT connectivity products and solutions, selected Mistletoe Technologies for their next generation of VPN/firewall appliances.

freedom9 is a major supplier of networking equipment for university and academic markets, a segment challenged by sophisticated network attacks and high-performance networking requirements driven by advanced research. The increasing adoption of voice and video over IP has placed particular importance on infrastructure performance and low latency at small packet sizes. Enabled by Mistletoe RDX(TM) technology, freedom9's freeGuard family of VPN/Firewall appliances addresses these issues by providing hardware-based security that offers true multi-Gigabit firewall and VPN performance, and protection against attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service. The freeGuard VPN/Firewall consumes less than 25 Watts of power providing an even greater cost of ownership savings to academic institutions.

"By leveraging the Mistletoe RDX technology, our customers receive a powerful security appliance with advanced features at an economical price," said Scott Barrett, President and CEO of freedom9. "We chose Mistletoe Technologies over other vendors because their comprehensive hardware-based security solution gives our customers a product that will withstand attacks under all conditions and all loads."

The freeGuard Blaze 2100 is an eight port Gigabit Ethernet Firewall/VPN appliance that provides 2Gbps Firewall protection and 2Gbps 3DES/AES VPN throughput. It addresses security concerns both on the perimeter as well as internal to the network, and integrates comprehensive protection against Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service attacks that cripple many VPN/Firewall appliances. Low power consumption, active/passive high-availability features, and multi-vendor interoperability insure a seamless, quick and reliable integration into IT networks.

"The freedom9 freeGuard Blaze products provide a high performance security solution ideal for educational institutions and for securing critical financial data and health records," said Som Sikdar, CEO of Mistletoe Technologies. "We are pleased that once again, Mistletoe Technologies has provided our customer with a robust, high-performance security solution."

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