Drive Data Thru Protects

Data Drive Thru launches two revolutionary products to solve computer file transfer challenges and to destroy old computer files

DALLAS -- Data Drive Thru, Inc.(TM) has created two user friendly tools that forever solve the challenge of transferring files from an old computer to a new one and that deletes personal information from the hard drive of your old PC or laptop.

The Tornado(TM) is the fastest and easiest way to move files from one PC to another. Just plug the USB cables into the USB ports and The Tornado(TM) networks two PCs in just seconds showing the entire contents of both computers on an easy to use split-screen interface. With The Tornado(TM) there are no wizards to follow, software to install, or cables to buy -- just plug it in. A split screen showing the entire contents of each computer appears and you simply drag and drop the files you want to move from one machine to the other at speeds up to 25 MB/s. The Tornado(TM) also can be used to quickly create back-up files and is compatible with most Microsoft(R) operating system programs. The Tornado(TM) sells for $59.95 and can be ordered online at

PC Eraser(TM) offers multiple methods to delete select files from the hard drives of computers in accordance with two U.S. Government Department of Defense standards and the even more robust Guttman method. The graphic user interface allows you to select files using either the drag-n-drop method from a Windows(R) based GUI or from PC Eraser's(TM) File Selector function. You simply click on "destroy" and your files disappear. The interface also allows you to specify files and extensions that you do not want to destroy, and to destroy any remnant data located in unallocated disk space. PC Eraser(TM) lists for $29.95 and can be purchased from or

"The number one problem faced by millions of replacement computer purchasers is the challenge of moving files and personal information off their old computer and onto a new one," said Paul L. Andrus, Founder and CEO of Data Drive Thru. "The Tornado(TM) solves that problem with its unique patented technology and ease of use. And now our PC Eraser(TM) product will help protect customers, so that when they're through with their old computer, they can recycle or donate it without fear that they will be the next victim of identify fraud."

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