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Couriers Take The Cake -- And Thousands Of Bank Records

Delivery drivers reroute thousands of bank records to major German newspaper
A pair of hungry couriers very nearly exposed the credit card records of tens of thousands of bank customers over the weekend.

The two couriers admitted gobbling up a cake that was in a package addressed to the Frankfurter Rundschau, a German daily newspaper, last week, according to news reports. To cover their tracks, the pair took another parcel meant for the Landesbank Berlin -- a German bank -- and simply affixed a new label with the name of the newspaper on it. The hungry revelers were unaware the parcel contained documents detailing credit card transactions with card numbers for tens of thousands of customers, as well as personal identification number envelopes.

A major scare erupted over the weekend after the newspaper published details of the anonymous package, fueling concerns that customer privacy had been breached.

ADAC, a German motorists' club, has said it would replace 635,000 cards issued by its banking associate LBB as a result of the mix-up.