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Shavlik Security Suite Enhances Virtualization Support

Shavlik Security Suite is now in public beta, with general availability expected at the end of September
ST. PAUL, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Shavlik Technologies, LLC, a market leader in simplifying and automating critical IT operations, has added key capabilities that enable the Shavlik Security Suite to manage these IT operations for both physical and virtual worlds, including offline virtual machines. The Shavlik Security Suite allows organizations to apply a single process to ensure machines " physical or virtual -- are identified, secured, and managed across their lifecycle.

The Shavlik Security Suite is now in public beta, with general availability expected at the end of September. For more information on how to join the beta visit Experts from the company will also be demonstrating these new capabilities this week at the VMworld conference from the Shavlik booth #2401.

"We allow our customers to bring together their physical and virtual implementations and avoid a lot of IT pain due to uncontained VM sprawl, unknown security state, and lack of knowledge around resources consumed by unmanaged virtual machines," said Mark Shavlik, CEO of Shavlik Technologies. "In addition to patching and configuring their complete environment, we can now detect virtual machines as they are added and perform dynamic asset inventory, including resource usage management."

The Shavlik Security Suite centralizes the management and security of both physical and virtual machines so IT operations and IT security can utilize a single process, single team, and single tool set to discover virtual machines as they are added to an organization's VMware vSphere 4, VMware ESX, or VMware ESXi infrastructure, ensure the virtual machine operating systems and applications are patched, contain configuration drift, and footprint the virtual machines so administrators have a clear understanding of the resources each virtual machine is consuming from their host server.

"Shavlik has been a key IT security partner to VMware for some time now, and the company is providing a valuable focus in bridging the physical and virtual worlds," said Dan Chu, Vice President, Emerging Business for VMware. "The latest capabilities in the Shavlik Security Suite for discovery, inventory, and tracking add significant value in a VMware virtualized environment."

Asset Management New to the Suite

Shavlik's Asset Management leverages the company's innovative Agentless approach to thoroughly and dynamically discover and catalog IT assets. Organizations will discover physical and virtual machines they didn't know they had and uncover software applications they didn't know were installed. By eliminating these blind spots, IT operations can quickly close the gaps in security and policy compliance. By consolidating hardware, software, and virtual machine asset information in one location, the organization has all relevant information about its IT assets at its finger tips so they can make informed decisions with confidence and accuracy.

About Shavlik Technologies

Shavlik Technologies, LLC is the market leader for simplifying and automating critical-to-perform and manage IT operations including asset management, patch management, antivirus + antispyware, configuration management, and policy and compliance auditing. Shavlik's innovative approach to simplifying and automating management of the platform frees up IT staff for initiatives that grow your business without sacrificing the visibility and control needed to ensure system uptime and demonstrate proof of compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

With more than 10,000 customers worldwide, Shavlik is trusted to provide solutions that can be relied upon to identify gaps and automatically and reliably fix systems that are missing patches or don't conform with the corporate-defined configuration baseline. More information can be found at