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Replay Solutions Rolls Out Log 'Amplification' System

ReplayDIRECTOR Log Amplification provides post-execution diagnostic information about an application’s code, user, and data behavior
Redwood City, Calif. – August 17, 2010 –Replay Solutions (, a pioneer in continuous application monitoring, software debugging and defect resolution technology, today launched ReplayDIRECTOR™ 3.1, the first solution that can generate new or expanded execution logs from historical software recordings. The ReplayDIRECTOR Log Amplification function provides development, QA and operations staff with deeper, post-execution diagnostic information about an application’s code, user, and data behavior. It also arms security and compliance functions with levels of logs that are more detailed and comprehensive than originally captured.

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The multibillion dollar security information and event management (SIEM) marketplace is focused on building products that store, monitor, report and purge event logs. However, many application logs, designed to provide insight into the behavior of critical applications, are often not generated in sufficient depth at the time of program execution. Hence logging or SIEM solutions lack the raw material to accurately monitor and diagnose issues. While critical fatal and error logs may be recorded, organizations try to reduce storage costs and maximize application efficiencies by not saving the more voluminous, lower level logs such as info and trace logs—information critical to not only diagnosing functional or performance issues, but also security breaches and compliance violations.

The launch of ReplayDIRECTOR 3.1 creates a new way for organizations to gain full visibility into all logs through two groundbreaking new features: Log Amplification and Defect Searching.

"ReplayDIRECTOR Log Amplification is the first product that connects application logs, software execution and source code. This enables security and compliance professionals to quickly get to ‘ground truth’ and root cause in their incident response," said long-time logging expert and entrepreneur Raffael Marty, founder and COO of Loggly. "ReplayDIRECTOR Log Amplification also provides an after the fact capability of recreating additional logs that have not been recorded during regular application execution.”

* Log Amplification: Using Replay Solutions' patented application recording and playback technology, ReplayDIRECTOR 3.1 enables the ability to go back and recreate any level of logs, even if the application log data was not originally generated. This liberates a wide range of professionals in QA, development, operations, security, compliance and system administration to log at a less voluminous level of log capture to save overhead and storage, while safe in the knowledge that they can go back in time and “turn up” the log detail when they need to deal with a problem. * Defect Searching: Working in concert with Log Amplification, ReplayDIRECTOR 3.1 can locate recorded defects in seconds using a web-based UI. Replay's solution searches through all the messages, logs, exceptions and specially-inserted Replay Markers to diagnose and resolve the root cause of application defects, security issues and performance issues. Defect searching mines all the interactions that flow to and from the application captured with 100% fidelity by a Replay Recording including database activities, HTTP requests, Web service calls and log messages.

“The launch of ReplayDIRECTOR is a major step forward in using logs to help find and resolve not only software defects, but also mission critical security and compliance issues,” said Jonathan Lindo, co-founder and CEO of Replay Solutions. “These are the first of several features we are building on top of our patented Replay technology.”

About ReplayDIRECTOR

ReplayDIRECTOR is a state of the art software recording solution that functions like a DVR for applications by recording all inputs and events affecting software while it is running, and providing the ability to replay exactly what happened. Defects - even the most difficult to reproduce bugs - can be reproduced immediately without the need to replicate the environment and conditions that the defect occurred in. With ReplayDIRECTOR, you can:

Reproduce defects without the original environment

Easily communicate application issues between Operations and Development teams

Fix defects 50% faster

About Replay Solutions, Inc.

Replay Solutions automates problem resolution across the application lifecycle. Its flagship ReplayDIRECTOR™ solution makes application teams more productive by taking the guesswork out of finding and fixing problems in development, test, and production environments. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the company was founded in 2004 and is backed by Hummer Winblad, Partech Ventures, Sigma Partners and Pelion Venture Partners. For more information, please visit