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Rapid7 Releases Solutions Portfolio Update

New capabilities in the release include Metasploit MetaModules that provide automated security testing
BOSTON, MA – July 17, 2013 – Rapid7, today announced new innovations for its risk assessment and management portfolio. The new enhancements provide security teams with even more actionable visibility into the risk associated with their users and IT assets. This simplifies remediation, testing and communication of security program performance to the organization. New automation features also offer increased productivity for testing the effectiveness of security controls and the potential impact of a breach. The portfolio innovations include Metasploit 4.7 and the new version of Mobilisafe – introducing Mobilisafe AppSentinel - both available immediately, and Nexpose 5.7, which will be available later in the month.

"Information security professionals face a huge, unrelenting challenge, and all-too-often they are under-resourced and tasked to wear multiple hats," said Lee Weiner, senior vice president of products and engineering at Rapid7. "Our goal is to make their lives easier, delivering efficiency around common tasks to maximize their productivity, and giving them the visibility they need into what's really working and what needs attention."

Metasploit 4.7

Metasploit Pro 4.7 introduces MetaModulesTM, a unique new way to simplify and operationalize security testing for IT security professionals. Many security testing techniques are either based on cumbersome tools or require custom development, making them expensive to use. To expedite this testing, Metasploit Pro is introducing MetaModules, which automate common, yet sophisticated, security tests to provide under-resourced security departments a more efficient way to get the job done.

MetaModules are based on a unique architecture that will enable Rapid7 to develop more packaged security testing to help defenders improve security. The current release includes six MetaModules for security controls and penetration testing. These package in-demand functionality, such as validating which outbound firewall ports are open, testing for default credentials, or stealthily discovering hosts on the network.

Metasploit 4.7 is available immediately. For information on pricing, please contact [email protected] For a free trial, please visit


Mobilisafe's mobile risk management capabilities now extend actionable visibility into mobile application risk through Mobilisafe AppSentinel&trade. This advancement builds on the solution's existing capabilities of identifying which devices are accessing corporate data and networks, and assessing the risk associated with the operating system and device itself. Mobilisafe provides system administrators and IT security staff with visibility into the risk associated with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, and enables them to manage that risk and related policies directly through a single console.

Mobile applications represent a new vector of risk for an overworked security staff, with corporate data stored on users' devices and high levels of permissions requested. Mobilisafe's new capabilities help mitigate this by delivering insight and analytics for the applications users are running on their devices. Mobilisafe discovers and inventories applications on each device, and flags any iOS and Android apps that are not on the official iOS and Google Play App Stores, as they may be more likely to cause undue risk. IT professionals get an aggregate view of the applications being used, as well as intelligence on the most frequently downloaded and used applications, helping them profile user behavior and risk. This information can also help companies highlight potential areas where controls may be needed, for example in discouraging use of non-approved applications for company-related activity.

Mobilisafe AppSentinel is available immediately. For information on pricing for Mobilisafe, please contact [email protected] For a free demonstration of Mobilisafe, see this quick demo.

Nexpose 5.7

Nexpose 5.7's innovative new capabilities help users verify and demonstrate that their remediation strategy is actually reducing risk. The new vulnerability trends report highlights key developments and demonstrates the success of remediation efforts over time. Trends include which assets and vulnerabilities are being discovered, vulnerability age, severity levels, and exploit and malware kit exposures. By leveraging Nexpose's powerful dynamic filtering, vulnerability trends reports can be created to target specific risks or compare developments across various sets of assets.

In addition, Nexpose 5.7 offers improved workflows for common tasks, enhancing user productivity. With a single action users can now easily create multiple vulnerability exceptions and remove groupings of unwanted assets within the Nexpose instance. For large scale complex environments, this can greatly improve the signal-to-noise ratio, enabling security professionals to identify and take the necessary actions sooner.

Nexpose 5.7 will be available later this month. For information on pricing, please contact [email protected] For a free trial, please visit

About Rapid7

Rapid7 is the leading provider of security risk intelligence software and cloud solutions. Its integrated vulnerability management and penetration testing products, Nexpose and Metasploit, and mobile risk management solution, Mobilisafe, empower organizations to obtain accurate, actionable and contextual intelligence into their threat and risk posture. Rapid7's solutions are used by more than 2,500 enterprises and government agencies in more than 65 countries, while the Company's free products are downloaded more than one million times per year and enhanced by the more than 200,000 members of its open source security community. Rapid7 has been recognized as one of the fastest growing security companies by Inc. Magazine and as a "Top Place to Work" by the Boston Globe. Its products are top rated by Gartner®, and SC Magazine. The Company is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Technology Crossover Ventures. For more information about Rapid7, please visit