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Presidential Pardon

We're off Monday for the Presidents Day holiday. If you don't like it, impeach us

It's Presidents Day. Traditionally, it's a day when we Americans celebrate our presidents by lying, cheating, or declaring war on others so that we can get a day off.

As it happens, this is a presidential election year, which means that hackers are having more fun than ever. So, see? Even hackers celebrate Presidents Day. (See Clinton Video Is Bait in Spam Scam, {doclink 144926), and {doclink 143135).)

We will be back to serve you the latest in IT security dirt tomorrow, Feb. 19. In the meantime, celebrate Washington's birthday by having some cherry pie. Celebrate Lincoln's birthday by going to see a play (just duck if you hear a door open behind you). Celebrate Nixon's birthday by establishing diplomatic relations with a country of more than 1 billion people.

Have a good day. And if you chop down any cherry trees, be sure to blame them on a drive-by pharmer.

— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading