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PacketMotion Adds Internal Firewall Eliminator

SourceSync extends UAM capabilities over the encrypted activities of privileged administrator
SUNNYVALE, CA — PacketMotion, a provider of User Activity Management (UAM) solutions, today announced availability of PacketSentry™ 4.0. UAM allows enterprises to monitor, record and control user and privileged user activities across operating systems, databases and applications, and to segment PCI in-scope assets away from unauthorized users. New to PacketSentry 4.0 is SourceSync for Microsoft Windows SQL Servers and Unix/Linux systems. SourceSync extends UAM capabilities over the encrypted activities of privileged administrators without invasive software agents, providing improved security and compliance without any measurable impact on network performance. Also new are rule engine enhancements that allow virtual segmentation capabilities to scale at Fortune 500 levels. With scalable virtual segmentation, enterprises of any size can segregate in-scope PCI assets from unauthorized users without having to deploy expensive and complex firewalls.

"The economy may be showing signs of recovery but IT budgets remain tight. The effects of the recession and the call to 'do more with less' will continue to challenge IT security and compliance teams for years to come," said Paul Smith, PacketMotion CEO. "PacketSentry's ability to provide a total picture of what's going on in the network and to deliver PCI segmentation capabilities through a single, agentless and non-inline platform not only solves security and compliance problems but also slashes overall security and compliance costs."

"Regulatory compliance and IT security are both important and valuable activities but ones for which cost minimization is an unavoidable issue," said Peter Christy, Principal Analyst at Internet Research Group. "PacketSentry's ability to analyze key network traffic in real-time, and relate it to users activity within organizational roles and IT assets with sophisticated rule sets make it a powerful but cost-effective tool."

"Within our organization, IT security and compliance initiatives are given top priority. As a government agency, we have to remain secure and in compliance at all times while being highly cognizant of budget constraints," said Daniel W. McRae, IT Manager, DIT Infrastructure Services, City of Richmond (VA). "PacketSentry has allowed us to extend our insider activity monitoring capabilities to a wide range of users across our vast Microsoft environment. Its non-inline deployment model and agentless monitoring capabilities have saved us time and money. We are confident that PacketSentry will continue to deliver the high level of compliance and security we need and help us to remain within the confines of our always-tightening budgets."

New PacketSentry 4.0 Features and Benefits Include:

  • Rule Engine Enhancements that provide scalable virtual segmentation capabilities, allowing enterprises of any size to protect in-scope PCI assets from unauthorized users without expensive firewalls, inline hardware deployments or invasive software agents. Additionally, improvements enable dramatically accelerated processing speeds and the ability to handle up to 500 times more rules.

  • Extended SourceSync capabilities for Microsoft Windows SQL Servers and Unix/Generic SYSLOG devices. SourceSync provides monitoring and reporting for encrypted privileged administrator activities without agents, inline appliances, or heavy native logging.

  • Sybase support, providing Sybase database users with improved security and compliance through comprehensive, detailed user activity management capabilities and reports.

  • Preconfigured Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance reports, enabling financial services industry customers and public corporations to quickly and easily prove compliance with these stringent and complex regulations.

    PacketSentry 4.0 is available now and is sold directly by PacketMotion and its authorized resellers in the U.S. and internationally. PacketSentry pricing begins at $50,000. Product information may be found at

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