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NitroSecurity/Rapid7: SIEM + Pen Testing Integration

Pairing of NitroSecurity’s NitroView with Rapid7’s Metasploit Pro 4.0 solution enables security operations managers to identify and validate critical vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach
LAS VEGAS, BLACK HAT USA 2011, BOOTH #409 AND PORTSMOUTH, N.H. – August 2, 2011 – NitroSecurity, Inc., the leader in high-performance, content-aware security information and event management (SIEM) solutions and Rapid7', the leading provider of security risk intelligence solutions, today announced the industry’s first enterprise penetration testing and SIEM integration. The pairing of NitroSecurity’s NitroView with Rapid7’s Metasploit' Pro 4.0 solution – which will be demoed in the NitroSecurity booth (#409) at Black Hat USA 2011, August 2-4 – enables security operations managers to identify and validate critical vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach, and to prioritize their remediation efforts more effectively.

Metasploit Pro 4.0 addresses the rapidly changing nature of today’s threat landscape by integrating with more than a dozen vulnerability management and Web application scanners, and for the first time, by providing data to NitroView through a documented interface. With security operations teams continuously challenged, the need to identify and focus on remediating the vulnerabilities that represent the highest risk of exploit is paramount. Metasploit Pro confirms that exposures reported by vulnerability management solutions exist and verifies whether a reported vulnerability is actually exploitable, reducing false positives and identifying issues that truly pose a data breach risk. Integrating Metasploit Pro with NitroView enables security teams to increase their productivity by spending less time fixing unimportant vulnerabilities and having an effective way to verify that remediation was successful.

“We’re very excited about the value that this integration brings to our customers and partners,” said Sheldon Malm, senior director of Security Strategy and Alliances for Rapid7. “With the convergence of vulnerability management and penetration testing in the enterprise, customers are asking for Metasploit Pro to operate within their existing processes and security investments. With NeXpose and now Metasploit Pro integration, NitroView provides the perfect platform to further operationalize these critical activities.”

By deploying Metasploit Pro with NitroView, security operations teams also benefit from the only SIEM with real-time incident response capabilities. As Metasploit Pro validates the most pressing vulnerabilities, NitroView is able to analyze them within the full context of network and event activity – up to and including full application content awareness. This provides the most precise and actionable intelligence to fix vulnerabilities and rapidly respond to incidents. This combined level of accuracy and granular visibility can vastly streamline security operations efforts and reduce response times.

Based on the world’s leading open source penetration testing framework, Metasploit Pro can also report on zero-day exploits that are not yet covered in vulnerability management solutions. Recent examples include the Stuxnet vulnerabilities, where Metasploit Pro was able to provide comprehensive and accurate detection immediately following the outbreak of attacks. NitroView also helps organizations to proactively detect risks and threats through advanced analytics, dynamic activity baselining, and new NitroRSC™ risk correlation technology. Together, NitroView and Metasploit Pro operationalize risk prioritization, remediation efforts and response readiness.

“Using traditional vulnerability assessment tools with SIEM has helped to prioritize the events that represent the highest potential risk,” said Eric Knapp, director of Critical Infrastructure Markets for NitroSecurity. “The integration of Metasploit Pro and NitroView takes this to the next level. Metasploit Pro allows NitroView to further prioritize those few vulnerabilities that are truly exploitable, so that they can be addressed immediately. NitroView in turn provides the real-time tools necessary to investigate and remediate these high-risk vulnerabilities with the same degree of immediacy. This combination represents a powerful new tool for the SOC.”

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Rapid7 is the leading provider of security risk intelligence solutions. Rapid7’s integrated vulnerability management and penetration testing products, NeXpose and Metasploit, empower organizations to obtain accurate, actionable and contextual intelligence into their threat and risk posture. Rapid7’s solutions are being used by more than 1,600 enterprises and government agencies, while the Company’s free products are downloaded more than one million times per year and enhanced further by over 125,000 security community users and contributors. Rapid7 has been recognized as one of the fastest growing security companies worldwide by Inc. Magazine and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures. For more information about Rapid7 or Metasploit Pro, please visit

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