Dark Vacation

Dark Reading takes off July 3-4, and you should too

Are you still working? Geez, take a break already. It's July 4 weekend! Put a sparkler on your monitor and get some sun for a change. That's what we here at Dark Reading will be doing until Wednesday, when we'll be back to bring you the best (and the worst) in security news and information. Have a great holiday!

Are you still here? Just can't wait until Wednesday to read another brilliant Dark Reading analysis? OK, OK, here are some of our "greatest hits" of recent weeks. Hope this tides you over till July 5. Man, you're tough to satisfy.

  • Demons Lurk in Management Software. See how those enterprise agents you've deployed throughout your network could be a window for attackers to crawl through.

  • Data Losses Hit Four More. Read about one of the ugliest spates of corporate data losses in recent memory, when three major corporations and a government agency all reported break-ins or stolen machines.

  • The Blue Flu? Find out how those totally cool Bluetooth devices and applications are giving some security managers a whale of a headache.

  • New Phishing Exploits Emerge. Get the lowdown on the most dangerous phishing exploits on the Net, and some inside recommendations on how to defend against them.

  • Retailers Lag on Security Standard. Hide out with some of the nation's top retail merchants as they continue to avoid compliance with credit card providers' mandated security standards.

    Got your fix now? Great! Go see some fireworks! We'll be here Wednesday to bring you the latest and loudest bangs in the security industry.

    — The Editors of Dark Reading