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Cybersecurity Home School: Garfield Teaches Security

The famous cartoon cat can help kids ages 6 to 11 learn to be more secure when they're online.

When children use tablets and smartphones before they head to kindergarten, it's really never too early to start teaching them about cybersecurity. The cybersecurity team at Synopsys suggests this week's Cybersecurity Home School project, which enlists the help of a lasagna-loving tabby to help youngsters begin to understand the basics of staying safe online.

The Center for Cyber Safety and Education, a nonprofit organization that focuses on cybersecurity, has developed Garfield's Cyber Safety Adventures at Home, a series of lessons including privacy, safe posting, and cyberbullying. The adventures are available in print, through an online subscription, or a bundle that includes both.

There is typically a charge for the material, ranging from $7.99 for a single comic-book lesson, to $9.99 for a one-year digital subscription, to $16.99 for a bundle that includes all available printed material and a 50% discount on the digital subscription. (Note: All prices are for the current "sale" prices now in effect.)

Now, though, the digital subscription is available at no cost to help children learn about cybersecurity while at home.

The lessons are colorful and game-oriented. They are available via browser, on iOS, and on Android.

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