CrowdSec: What the 'Network Effect' Brings to the Cybersecurity Table

In this Dark Reading News Desk segment, CrowdSec CEO/co-founder Philippe Humeau discusses how the concept of a network effect applies to threat management.

Dark Reading Staff, Dark Reading

August 17, 2023

The value of a utility increases as more people use it —and Philippe Humeau of CrowdSec shows how this “Network Effect” applies to cybersecurity and threat management. He updates security pros on bourgeoning threats like cybercrime over IPv6, or the impact when cloud service providers failure to ban malicious IP addresses. Humeau also weighs in on whether individual IP addresses should be ignored or blocked, as well as how attackers have repurposed virtual private networks and Tor to wreak their havoc.

About the Speaker: Philippe Humeau graduated in 1999 as IT security engineer from EPITA (Paris, France). He founded his first company at the same time and quickly oriented it towards penetration testing and high-security hosting. He was also deeply involved in Magento’s community creation & animation in France and versed in eCommerce (wrote 4 books on the topic). In 2020, he founded CrowdSec, a company editing an eponymous open-source and collaborative IPS, leveraging both IP behavior & reputation to create a community and tackle the mass scale hacking problem. His crushes will forever be IT security, DevSecOps, and entrepreneurship.

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