Wyndstorm Secures File Sharing

ID Rank Security has selected YFonGlobal to provide the VOIP network services for their security communications product, myKryptofon

WASHINGTON -- ID Rank Security has selected YFonGlobal, a leading-edge provider of turnkey social networking solutions, with built-in VoIP Calling, to provide the VoIP network services for their security communications product, myKryptofon(tm).

Using YFonGlobal's wyndstorm(tm) communications network, myKryptofon technology allows users to require authentication and confirmation, and apply encryption to their voice conversations, IM chats, teleconferences, and file-sharing. No one can capture conversations or information. This reduces opportunities for corporate espionage or divulging secrets.

"Communities powered by wyndstorm(tm) that include ID Rank Security capabilities can enjoy the sharing and calling features of our social network applications, and also feel confident in the security of their online communications, using myKryptofon multi-factor authentication and encryption," said Marian Sabety, CEO of YFonGlobal. "This expands the value of wyndstorm -- particularly to enterprise customers, who are often most concerned about exposing their IP networks to hacking, espionage, or other compromises."

YFonGlobal has been working with ID Rank Security on several market initiatives over the last year. This announcement between the two companies is the first of several anticipated joint initiatives focused on secure online communications.

"Our partnership with YFonGlobal will enable users to leverage the rich wyndstorm online community feature set while also enjoying a safe place for secure online socializing, exploration, and collaboration," said ID Rank Security President David Boubion. "Our customers include high net-worth individuals, corporations, and government-military programs, all of whom are very concerned about security, and myKryptofon technology offers flexibility to protect files and communications by whatever secret passwords and credentials you determine and share."

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