DigitalPersona Broadens Support

Newest version of DigitalPersona Online now supports Microsoft Vista and Internet Explorer 7

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- DigitalPersona, Inc., the leader in fingerprint authentication solutions for enterprise networks and commercial applications, today announced the availability of DigitalPersona Online 4.2 software, its latest secure sign-on solution for web-based applications. This new version substantially enhances security and convenience with added support for Microsoft Vista and Internet Explorer 7 as well as support for enterprise notebooks with embedded fingerprint readers.

In addition, the Online 4.2 package includes remote access and desktop support for Citrix and MS Terminal Services. It is of particular value to enterprises in industries such as finance and healthcare that develop web-based applications for their customers, partners and/or employees that require the convenience and security of fingerprint authentication.

“Businesses such as financial institutions come to DigitalPersona because of the high reliability of our industry-leading authentication technology for web-based banking application support,” said Amr Assal, senior product marketing manager at DigitalPersona. “We have several bank customers that rely on DigitalPersona Online to secure the day-to-day financial transactions and wire transfers between their correspondent customer bank accounts. The use of passwords is too risky for them considering the level of activity between banks over the Internet.”

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