Voatz Delivers Multilayered Security to Protect Electronic Voting

SPONSORED CONTENT: While electronic voting has been plagued by fears of tampering or fraud, Voatz is looking to make the process more transparent and auditable, according to company founder Nimit Sawhney. He offers learning points from three recent pilots that highlight how governments can improve the integrity and better protect the voting process and its data.

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For more information, download this whitepaper, State-of-the-Art Security Performs First-Rate Threat Mitigation in Convention Elections.

This paper leverages the security datasets from the Voatz remote voting system while conducting historic virtual conventions in April 2020. This analysis of the rich dataset reflects the platform's multi-layered device and network level threat detection and mitigation mechanisms performing in the real-world and in real-time, It also offers insight and implications for the applicability of mobile security for voting and other high-stakes industries.

Authors: Philip Andreae, Advisor, Voatz; Hilary Braseth, Chief of Staff, Voatz; Nimit Sawhney, Co-founder, and CEO, Voatz

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