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Startup Beyond Identity Now Offers Passwordless Multifactor Authentication for Consumers

The announcement comes two weeks after Microsoft gave users the option to fully remove passwords from their accounts.

The passwordless movement just got another bump: Startup Beyond Identity has released technology that businesses can offer their consumers that eliminates the need for passwords or multifactor authentication for accessing their apps and websites.

Most recently, Microsoft announced that consumers can now eliminate passwords for all consumer Microsoft accounts.

Beyond Identity's new Secure Customer lets businesses deploy passwordless technology in their applications to allow consumers to ditch the password.  

"As long as passwords continue to exist -- no matter how they are hidden or 'secured' -- criminals have an open door into applications, customer accounts, and databases," said TJ Jermoluk, Beyond Identity co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "The only way to fully protect customers from account takeover attacks is to eradicate the password completely from both the user experience and application database."

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