Three RSAC 2022 sessions take deep dives into the security considerations around data cloud transformation.

Liat Hayun, Co-Founder & CEO, Eureka Security

May 13, 2022

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For the past decade — and more so during the past three years — cybersecurity has become an epicenter of two equally transformative revolutions taking place at once: the cloud revolution and the data revolution. The true impact of these transformations on the cybersecurity industry and on business as we know it has yet to fully manifest itself, which makes them timely and urgent topics for deep discussion and consideration. The theme of 2022's RSA Conference, which takes place June 6–9 in San Francisco and online, captures these and other trends. In this article, I share recommendations for three RSAC 2022 sessions that will provide a deep dive into the world of data cloud security.

1. How to Protect Healthcare Data in the Cloud
The cloud revolution is hardly new: More than 94% of global organizations use cloud platforms, and more than 76% leverage multicloud services such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure to increase business velocity and efficiency. Meanwhile, data has always been a business driver, regarded as the "crown jewels" of customer-facing business.

As organizations accumulate more and more data — a large portion of it sensitive, proprietary, and personal — there can be a natural reluctance to trust emerging cloud technologies with these valuable assets. With new technology come new risks known to both security professionals and malicious actors, including misconfigurations and unauthorized access leading to exposure or destruction. The sheer number of cloud technologies and interested parties, combined with the dynamic nature of data in the cloud, presents an overwhelming challenge for security teams. Instead of restricting innovation, there must be a way to harness it and ensure its security simultaneously. Hear more about how this is done in healthcare, one of the most sensitive and highly regulated sectors, at this RSAC 2022 session taking place June 7.

2. Data Inventory Workshop
Overwhelmed with the amount of data and adoption of new technologies, some security teams opt to restrict the use of certain cloud platforms — even if that means, for example, using spreadsheets for tasks such as inventorying and tracking data. The goal may be to gain more control, but the result is inhibited innovation and stunted organizational growth. Furthermore, as organizations strive to scale and evolve, such restrictions may turn the CISO into an obstruction in the eyes of business leaders within the organization. The data revolution demands a complete overhaul of the way organizations inventory and manage their data. Hear more about how to navigate regulations and business processes while championing innovative data inventory technology at this RSAC session taking place June 7.

3. DLP: An Implementation Story
Multicloud environments have become a business necessity for modern organizations, increasing their efficiency and allowing them to scale more rapidly. As data leaves organizational networks and flows into the cloud, it is no longer centralized, and its use can no longer be accurately predicted by security teams. In the age of remote work and growing risk, data loss prevention (DLP) must adapt to ensure that security is granular and able to monitor all data uses and locations. Hear more about the challenges of implementing a modern DLP program and how to overcome them at this RSAC 2022 session taking place June 8.

Data transformation will increase in scale and impact across organizations, as development and business teams leverage and create cloud data stores faster than security teams can keep up — and often without their knowledge. We anticipate that, moving forward, this transformation will be the source of innovation and disruption. Click here for more on the 2022 RSA Conference and information about all of the sessions.

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Liat Hayun

Co-Founder & CEO, Eureka Security

Liat Hayun is the Co-founder and CEO of Eureka Security, a Cloud Data Security Posture Management platform that enables security teams to successfully navigate the ongoing and often chaotic expansion and growth of cloud data. Prior to co-founding Eureka Security, Liat spent a decade leading cybersecurity efforts in the Israeli Cyber Command and Palo Alto Networks. Her IDF service merited the prestigious Israel Defense Prize. As VP of Product Management at PANW, Liat led the production of Cortex XDR and PANW’s Managed Threat Hunting service. These roles have enabled Liat to pursue her greatest interests and concerns in the cybersecurity threat landscape, as well work with wonderfully talented people on their solutions. Passionate about working closely with others, she is driven to identify meaningful operational security gaps and develop exciting new technologies and strategies to help fellow security leaders tackle them.

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