In this Dark Reading News Desk segment, Mike Wyatt and John Ayers of Cyderes discuss how artificial intelligence has already been weaponized against businesses and consumers.

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August 18, 2023

John Ayers and Mike Wyatt weigh in on how artificial intelligence has already been weaponized against businesses and consumers. They look at how customers can safely deploy AI while protecting themselves against AI’s more malicious implementations. And they have advice for those considering offensive uses of AI as part of their response strategy. They also discuss the effectiveness of zero trust for identity and access management (IAM), as well as what complements zero trust in IAM applications.

About the Speakers: John is a senior veteran security consultant with 20+ years of experience in cybersecurity managed services, consulting, practice management, product management, and marketing/sales enablement. His strengths include cybersecurity services business management, practice management, and strategy. He is the author of several IT security articles, white papers, and blogs. Throughout his career, he has helped create and launch innovative products, services, and process improvements to close service gaps and deliver profits far exceeding industry norms.

Mike is an experienced cyber security executive that actively advises, practices, and leads security teams across almost every domain. He has a proven track record consulting and defending organizations of all sizes across many verticals, including the Fortune 100, and brings a wealth of front-line understanding. Prior to his work at CYDERES, Mike was instrumental in building and leading cross-functional security capabilities at RiskIQ and Koch Industries. He has obtained many well recognized certifications, holds a Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance, completed post-graduate work in Organizational Leadership, and most recently earned an Executive CISO certificate from Carnegie Mellon University. As an avid traveler, Mike remains plugged in and contributes to various cyber security communities all over the world promoting offensive and defensive strategies as well as learning from others to remain abreast innovative and cutting-edge techniques and solutions.

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