Zur Ulianitzky & Yaron Shani

Head of Security Research , XM Cyber; Senior Cybersecurity Researcher, XM Cyber

Zur Ulianitzky , Head of Security Research , XM Cyber

Zur Ulianitzky is an experienced information security researcher, skilled in red teaming and penetration testing. Prior to joining XM Cyber, he served as information security consultant at Ernest & Young. During his military service with the Israel Defense Forces, he served as software engineer and team lead.

Yaron Shani, Senior Cybersecurity Researcher, XM Cyber

Yaron Shani has been working in the security field for 10 years. He is currently senior researcher at XM Cyber, researching how to attack and mitigate popular threat actor trends in large enterprise networks. His past work included reversing embedded systems, developing new anti-anti debugging techniques, kernel debugging and red teaming.

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