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Dr. Taryn Hess

Principal, Business Consulting for Client Learning and Talent Enablement, EPAM Continuum
Member since: Mar 28, 2023
About Dr. Taryn Hess

Dr. Taryn Hess is a leader in the Client Learning and Talent Enablement practice at EPAM and an expert in learning and change management, helping clients align employees' knowledge, behaviors and mindset to business strategy. Dr. Hess consults directly with client leaders to evaluate and align capabilities, processes, and tools to achieve business objectives. Her multidimensional skillset — which spans learning, psychology, business, and organizational change management — allows her to find creative and impactful solutions to people-related challenges plaguing organizations. Her work supports a wide range of topics and industries, including customer service, aviation, public health, public administration, automotive, and international finance. She is a sought-after speaker on transformation evangelization, continuous learning culture, and digital and data literacy.

Dr. Hess received both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Florida State University and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Central Florida.

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