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Tanya Janca

Founder and CEO, We Hack Purple; Director of Developer Relations and Community, Bright Security
Member since: Aug 30, 2022
About Tanya Janca

Tanya Janca, also known as SheHacksPurple, is the best-selling author of Alice and Bob Learn Application Security. She is the Director of Developer Relations and Community at Bright Security, as well as the founder of We Hack Purple, an online learning community that revolves around teaching everyone to create secure software. Tanya has been coding and working in IT for over 25 years, won countless awards, and has been everywhere from public service to tech giants, writing software, leading communities, founding companies, and "securing all the things." She is an award-winning public speaker, active blogger and streamer, and has delivered hundreds of talks on six continents. She values diversity, inclusion, and kindness, which shines through in her countless initiatives.

She is an advisor to Nord VPN, Cloud Defense, and Aiya Corp, and founder of We Hack Purple, OWASP DevSlop, #CyberMentoringMonday, and WoSEC.

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