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Shira Shamban

CEO and Co-founder, Solvo
Member since: Feb 17, 2023
About Shira Shamban

Shira Shamban is a security researcher and technical expert with a focus on cloud security. Currently, she is the co-founder and CEO of Solvo. Shira started her professional career in cybersecurity as a military officer in the elite intelligence unit 8200 of the Israel Defense Force. During her 13-year service in the unit, Shira acquired hands-on experience in cybersecurity and intelligence operations while earning an engineering degree from Tel Aviv University. After her military service, Shira turned to security innovation in business. After leading the cloud security research at Dome9 Security, today Shira is pursuing her dream as an entrepreneur, recently founding Solvo, a software company that automates and shifts left data and cloud security. Shira strongly believes in empowering women and under-represented communities in the world of technology.

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