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Shamla Naidoo

Head of Cloud Strategy & Innovation, Netskope
Member since: Jan 28, 2022
About Shamla Naidoo

Shamla Naidoo was born and raised in the slums of South Africa. She climbed her way out of poverty, creating a successful technology career in South Africa, where she worked for 15 years before moving to the US in 1998. She has worked in strategy, technology, cybersecurity, and risk-related roles for four decades, including as a C-Suite executive at some of world's largest and most powerful companies. Shamla now has a portfolio career where she serves as an independent director at multiple publicly traded companies; an adjunct professor at UIC Law, the law school of the University of Illinois in Chicago; an industry thought leader and head of Cloud Strategy at Netskope; and a coach and mentor. Shamla's most important roles will always be mom (to children with two legs and four), wife, daughter, and friend. Her goal is to continue making the world a better, safer, kinder, more inclusive place. Joining the Contentment Foundation offers her a way to accelerate these most personal of goals.

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