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Scott Cadzow

Chair, ETSI Encrypted Traffic Integration ISG
About Scott Cadzow

Scott Cadzow has over the past 25 years become a recognized standards development expert, primarily for security standards, in a number of international standards development organizations including ETSI, ITU-T and ISO. In ETSI Scott is or has been the rapporteur for a large number of technical bodies and has acted as an expert to a number of Specialist Task Forces. He has served as Chairman of the ETSI ITS Security group and as Vice-Chairman of each of ETSI Project TETRA WG6 (Security), TETRA Security and Fraud Prevention Group (SFPG), and of the ETSI Lawful Interception group. In the wider EU standards and technical R&D environment Scott has contributed to reports from both JRC and ENISA and has been involved in a number of projects under the FP7/CIP/H2020 umbrella looking at the societal, security and privacy aspects of smart cities. Scott is the Chair of the ISG ETI (Encrypted Traffic Integration).

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