Photo of Ofer Maor

Ofer Maor

CTO and Co-Founder, Mitiga

Ofer Maor is a leading technology expert and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in IT and security. In the past two decades, Ofer has helped successful security companies build and deliver technology innovation and products. His responsibilities ranged from hands-on technology research, development, networking, IT, and (ethical) hacking, through product building, strategy, marketing and sales, and all the way to M&A of multiple companies.

As CTO at Mitiga, Ofer is reshaping how organizations prepare for and deal with breaches, focusing on the new era of attacks across cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments.

In the last few years, Ofer was part of an exciting journey with Synopsys (SNPS) to become the leader in software security and quality through the acquisition and integration of various leading technologies and solutions in this space. This journey offered him a unique point of view into how technologies are built, sold, and achieve market domination.

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