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Nick Tausek

Security Research Engineer, Swimlane
About Nick Tausek

Nick Tausek is a security research engineer at Swimlane, where he focuses on discovering, building, and presenting on different security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) use cases to solve the biggest security operations challenges. He has extensive experience in varied security domains and specialties, with a focus on rapid development and deployment of creative solutions in a multitude of languages and environments. Before Swimlane, he was an information security analyst within the federal government, NGOs, corporate environments, and managed security services providers. In his pre-infosecurity life, Nick held various roles in voice over IP, tech support, Web design, and translation services.  He speaks English, Japanese, German, and a little French, and programs mostly in Python, but is comfortable in a handful of other languages as well, including JS, VBA, HTML, and CSS.

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