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Nash Borges

VP of Engineering and Data Science, Secureworks
About Nash Borges

Nash Borges is Vice President of Engineering and Data Science at Secureworks, where he leads the diverse teams of engineers, data scientists, and researchers that developed the Secureworks cloud-native, enterprise security platform — Taegis™ — from the ground up. In his role, Nash led the development of the Secureworks portfolio of SaaS products built on the Taegis platform, which includes Taegis™ XDR and Taegis™ VDR. Less than three years after launch, Taegis XDR and VDR is now responsible for $165M in ARR.

Nash started his career in cybersecurity at a young age. He was recruited in high school to work for the National Security Agency (NSA), where he began his career building and operating big data systems at the intersection of machine learning and human intuition under the pressure of intelligence operations and international crises, where he served in war zones multiple times. Nash earned his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, focusing on machine learning (ML) and anomaly detection, and is currently enrolled in Wharton’s CTO Program. He has filed multiple patents, most recently for Secureworks’ ML-based Hands-on-Keyboard detector, which finds threat actors that are “living off the land” using system administration tools that may go unnoticed by other endpoint technologies

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