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Michael Gorelik

CTO, Morphisec
Member since: Mar 28, 2023
About Michael Gorelik

Morphisec CTO Michael Gorelik leads the malware research operation and sets technology strategy. He has extensive experience in the software industry and leading diverse cybersecurity software development projects. Prior to Morphisec, Michael was VP of R&D at MotionLogic GmbH, and previously served in senior leadership positions at Deutsche Telekom Labs. Michael has extensive experience as a red teamer, reverse engineer, and contributor to the MITRE CVE database. He has worked extensively with the FBI and US Department of Homeland Security on countering global cybercrime. Michael is a noted speaker, having presented at multiple industry conferences, such as SANS, BSides, and RSA. Michael holds Bsc and Msc degrees from the Computer Science department at Ben-Gurion University, focusing on synchronization in different OS architectures. He also jointly holds seven patents in the IT space.

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