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Mark Pelkoski

Senior Director of Solutions Architecture USA, CYE
About Mark Pelkoski

Mark Pelkoski started his journey in security at the early age of 10 when he was shown the ropes of his family’s Burglar Alarm business. At 12 he was introduced to his first personal computer where he started writing BASIC programs, then cracked a few. After working on F-16s in the USAF for seven years, he was then trained in the military’s cyber security operations and held a Top-Secret Clearance. After 10 years in the military, Mark then started building security programs, first at a computer manufacturer, then at a reseller as a CISSP, then to a few startups like Imperva, Virsec, and now CYE, where he is building the Solutions Architect team in the USA. He has an overwhelming passion for security that is contagious when in his presence. 

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