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Liam O’Murchu

Liam O’Murchu, Director, Symantec, Division of Broadcom, Security Technology and Response Group
About Liam O’Murchu
Liam O’Murchu is a director with the Security Technology and Response group at Symantec, a division of Broadcom. Overthe past 15 years, Liam has investigated and responded to the most sophisticated cyberattacks ever –from professional cybercriminals targeting financial institutions to government-backed threats targetingcritical infrastructure. He has worked with law enforcement to pursue malware authors and disruptbotnets, and his analysis and testimony have helped secure lengthy cybercriminal convictions. Hisanalysis of Stuxnet's objective to disrupt uranium enrichment in Iran is recounted in the bookCountdown to Zeroday. He is currently spearheading the effort to combine threat-specific knowledgewith behavior analysis to automate attack surface reduction.
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