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Lee Sattler

Distinguished Engineer in Product Strategy and Operations, Verizon
Member since: May 20, 2022
About Lee Sattler

Lee Sattler, Distinguished Engineer in Product Strategy and Operations at Verizon, works in Verizon's Platform and Emerging Technology team, evaluating upcoming technologies and delivering early product prototypes in emerging areas such as precision location, cellular vehicle-to-everything, confidential computing, and quantum computing & cryptography. At the end of 2019, Lee was a co-author of Verizon's First Principles for Securing 5G, a white paper discussing Verizon's holistic approach to 5G security. Over the past 24 years with Verizon, Lee has had responsibilities for the testing, design, and architecture of Verizon's IP, MPLS, and FiOS networks and related services.

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