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Karin Ophir Zimet

VP, People & Ops, Torq
About Karin Ophir Zimet

Karin Ophir Zimet is VP of people and ops at Torq, a leading no-code security automation platform. In her role, Karin serves as lead on all aspects of the organization’s strategic HR initiatives, including recruitment, developing a cohesive internal team culture across multiple offices worldwide, and ensuring success across Torq’s operations and departments.

Passionate about the power of the individual and the benefits of a positive team structure, Karin has been the driving force behind Torq's progressive work environment since the organization was founded in 2020. Tapping into more than a decade of executive experience across information technology and marketing industries, Karin credits her past work experiences as the basis for Torq's approach to company culture and employee experience.

Prior to joining Torq, Karin served as head of HR and operations at Luminate Security. Karin currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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