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Grayson Milbourne

Security Intelligence Director, OpenText Security Solutions
About Grayson Milbourne

Grayson Milbourne is the Security Intelligence Director at OpenText Security Solutions, a division of OpenText. Grayson’s nearly two decades of security intelligence expertise include malware analysis, data science, and security education. In his current role, Grayson is focused on efficacy development to ensure the company’s security management products (which include the Webroot portfolio) are able to defend against the most cutting-edge threats.

Grayson is a longtime advocate for better third-party testing of security products and represents OpenText Security Solutions at the Anti-Malware Testing and Standards Organization (AMTSO). Through his efforts, AMTSO released testing standards that greatly improved testing quality when followed. Grayson is an avid participant in the security community and drives awareness of current threats by speaking at major events such as RSA and Virus Bulletin. He is a frequent guest on local NBC affiliates and several cybersecurity podcasts.

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