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Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt
About Caroline Wong
Caroline Wong is the Chief Strategy Officer at Cobalt. As CSO, Caroline leads the Security, Strategy and People teams at Cobalt. She brings extensive background in communications and cybersecurity, as well as experience delivering global programs to the role. Caroline’s close and practical information security knowledge stems from her broad experience as a Cigital consultant, a Symantec product manager, and day-to-day leadership roles at eBay and Zynga. Caroline also hosts the Humans of InfoSec podcast, teaches cybersecurity courses on LinkedIn Learning, and has authored the popular textbook Security Metrics, A Beginner's Guide. Caroline holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and computer sciences from UC Berkeley and a master’s in finance and accounting from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. She recently published her new book, The PtaaS Book, where she delves deep into the world of pen testing from conception to long-term strategies.
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