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Ben Miller

Vice President of Professional Services and R&D, Dragos, Inc.
About Ben Miller

Ben Miller is Vice President of Professional Services and R&D with Dragos, Inc., where he leads a team of analysts in performing active defense inside of ICS/SCADA networks. He is responsible for a range of services, including threat hunting, incident response, penetration testing, assessments for the industrial community, and advanced research and innovation within ICS security. 

Prior to Dragos, Inc., Ben was Associate Director, Electricity Information Sharing & Analysis Center (Electricity ISAC), and led cyber analysis for the sector. Ben and his team focused on leading edge cyber activities related to the North American bulk electric system. He was recognized as instrumental in building new capabilities surrounding information sharing and analytics in his five years at the E-ISAC. 

Ben has spoken at venues including Black Hat, SANS, ICSJWG, ShmooCon, and others. SANS recognized him as a 2017 Difference Maker Award Winner for his contributions to the electricity sector.

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