Arun Vishwanath

Arun Vishwanath


Arun Vishwanath, Ph.D., MBA, is among the foremost experts on the "people problem" of cybersecurity. He is the author of the book, The Weakest Link: How to Diagnose, Detect, and Defend Users from Phishing, published by MIT Press.

His research on the science of cybersecurity focuses on the biggest vulnerability in enterprise security: users. His body of work includes the development of methodologies to quantify human cyber-risk, approaches to diagnose how and why people are at risk through social engineering, and techniques to mitigate this risk.

Arun, an alumnus of the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, has held faculty positions at the University at Buffalo and Indiana University. He has authored close to 50 peer-reviewed research papers on the science of security and has written pieces for CNN, the Washington Post, and other leading media. His views on cybersecurity have also appeared in Wired Magazine and in reports such as the Verizon "Data Breach Investigations Report" (DBIR). You can read more about him on his website here.

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