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Anita D'Amico

CEO, Code Dx Inc.
About Anita D'Amico

Anita D'Amico, PhD is CEO of Code Dx Inc., which provides solutions that automate application security workflows within a DevOps environment.  Prior to becoming CEO, she led the development of innovative cybersecurity technologies for over 20 years, initially as the head of Northrop Grumman's first Information Warfare team and later as the Director of Secure Decisions. Her roots are in experimental psychology, which she has applied to analyzing cybersecurity decision-making. For the past decade her research and business interests have focused on how to improve the analysis of software vulnerabilities, and on the human factors that influence secure software development. A Forbes article named Anita as one of "five cool women in security" who serve as role models for young women entering the field. The recent book "Women Know Cyber" recognized Anita as one of 100 women who have had an impact on cyber crime.

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