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Almog Apirion

CEO & Co-Founder, Cyolo
About Almog Apirion

Almog Apirion is the CEO and co-founder of Cyolo, the first true Zero-Trust Access solution. In 2019, Almog and two of the world’s leading ethical hackers, Dedi Yarkoni and Eran Shmuely, founded Cyolo after realizing the need for organizations to easily and securely make their apps – legacy, custom, cloud, etc. – available from anywhere to employees and third parties. Almog spearheaded a Series B funding round of $60 million in 2022, raising Cyolo's total capital to $85 million. He is currently leading the growth of Cyolo's leadership and expediting the global expansion of its Zero-Trust Access solution. Prior to Cyolo, Almog founded and commanded the Cyber Security Unit of the Israeli Navy and held the role of CISO at Orbotech.

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