Zango Refutes Fortinet Report

Zango: Fortinet Facebook widget advisory untrue

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Zango, an online media company, today announced that Fortinet’s recently posted “Fortiguard Advisory,” claiming Zango’s involvement with a “malicious Facebook Widget,” is blatantly untrue.

Contrary to Fortinet’s advisory posted late last week that falsely claimed that Zango software was being surreptitiously installed by the “Secret Crush” Facebook widget, at no point while adding the Secret Crush application to a Facebook profile did the widget attempt to install Zango software. Neither does the application install any third-party software.

“Fortinet’s ‘Facebook Widget Installing Spyware’ advisory is blatantly untrue,” said Keith Smith, CEO of Zango. “The falsification of a security report is absolutely irresponsible and reprehensible. Fortinet should do the right thing and correct its advisory.”

Zango Inc.

Fortinet Inc.

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