Wiresoft Firegate "Hack Us If You Can" Challenge Starts

Break through Firegate in 24 hours and win $24,000

November 17, 2009

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CINCINNATI, NOVEMBER 16, 2009 " Wiresoft, a leading provider of affordable, high performance network security and disaster recovery products for America's small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today challenged all comers to "Hack Us If You Can" and break through Firegate, the world's most reliable network security platform " never penetrated in market or laboratory tests. The first person who can hack Firegate within a 24-hour period wins $24,000. The rules and application form for participating in the challenge are posted at www.wiresoft.com

The Wiresoft "Hack Us If You Can" challenge is featured in national advertising starting today in dark reading and InformationWeek to drive awareness of Firegate " the industry's foremost "unbreakable" firewall delivering enterprise-level security plus disaster recovery at an economical price.

Wiresoft President Tom Schram said, "In 2008, 32 percent of the nation's SMBs were hit by cyber crime " not once but multiple times. An FBI survey finds that 52% of respondents experienced unauthorized access to their systems. Enough is enough. The entire point of Wiresoft's 'Hack Us If You Can' challenge is to demonstrate that SMBs now have an inexpensive world-class alternative that fully protects them from spam, viruses, malware, cyber attacks, any and all forms of network intrusion " you name it " the Firegate."

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Wiresoft, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a leading provider of affordable high performance network security and disaster recovery products for small to medium-sized businesses. For further information on Wiresoft and the Firegate family of products, please visit www.wiresoft.com

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