Websense TRITON architecture integrates the real-time Web content analysis and malware protection

February 11, 2010

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SAN DIEGO, February 9, 2010 — Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in content security, today introduced the new Websense' TRITON unified security architecture, combining Websense Web, data and email security technologies into a single platform delivering unified content analysis and management. The Websense TRITON architecture integrates the real-time Web content analysis and malware protection of the industry-leading Websense Web Security Gateway with industry-leading Websense Data Security Suite and Websense Email Security to protect organizations and their essential information from blended threats and targeted attacks while easing administration and lowering total cost of ownership.

According to Brian Burke, program director, Security Products at IDC Research, the need has never been greater for a new unified security paradigm to provide consistent protection from both inbound threats and outbound risk with single policy management for on-premise and security-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments across dispersed enterprises. "The Web has become the preferred platform from which cybercriminals launch their various types of complex malware attacks on individuals and businesses, because it is perceived to be an easy way to access valuable information assets" said Burke, IDC. "To be effective against today's modern threats, Web security technologies must have robust data loss prevention and be capable of maintaining compliance and control by analyzing inbound and outbound Web traffic in real-time, and must also provide a unified platform for on-premise and SaaS solutions so security policies can be applied and enforced equally across even dispersed enterprises."

To meet this need, TRITON is the first security architecture to integrate enterprise-class data loss prevention (DLP) technology into Web security gateway and email security solutions, delivering TruContent intelligence -- the real-time analysis and classification of inbound and outbound content for protection from inbound threats including zero-day Web exploits and malware, and outbound risk such as data loss, acceptable use violations and non-compliance for regulated data. Today's emerging threats and targeted attacks " like the recent Aurora attack that was propagated over the Web and email, and targeted specific organizations' sensitive data " evade traditional antivirus and security solutions, demonstrating the need for unified Web, data and email security.

In addition to unifying market-leading Web, data and email security technology, TRITON is the industry's only security platform to deliver TruHybrid " unifying policy management and reporting infrastructure across on-premise, security-as-a-service (SaaS) and hybrid deployment models. TRITON allows organizations to set persistent security policies across geographically dispersed offices and remote workers, and easily manage those policies from a single management console for both their on-premise and SaaS Web, data and email security solutions.

By delivering TruContent intelligence and TruHybrid, TRITON consolidates organization's Web, data and email security solutions into a single architecture, improves security coverage for dispersed offices and remote employees, and reduces the complexity and cost of deploying and managing security implementations across distributed enterprises. TRITON provides customers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprise security by easing IT administration and reducing the need for on-premise hardware requirements at dispersed locations, without sacrificing security. Organizations can deploy on-premise software or appliance at the headquarters and larger offices, and cover their remote locations with SaaS security " while managing the entire Web, data, and email security architecture from one unified management console.

"Hybrid security solutions that provide a unified platform of SaaS and on-premise deliver a higher degree of security while addressing the needs of organizations with decentralized offices and mobile workers, when compared to a single deployment model," said Burke.

"We have been pursuing this unified content security strategy with relentless focus since early 2007 by developing, acquiring and integrating our industry-leading Web, email and data security technologies and expanding our ThreatSeeker content analysis and threat detection capabilities," said Websense President John McCormack. "All this was done not so we could simply offer SaaS versions of our security products as some other vendors do, but so we could pave the way to the future of enterprise security by combining the power of on-premise, real-time content security with the ease of management and lower total cost of ownership provided by SaaS solutions. Above all, TRITON provides Websense customers the best protection against modern threats at a lower total cost of ownership."

What customers are saying

"A global organization like ours needs a security architecture that supports a mix of on-premise and SaaS security solutions and provides consistent protection for all our employees, whether they are in the corporate headquarters, at remote offices or working from the road," said Gavin Dietz, Chief Information Officer at Landis & GYR, a global leader in energy management solutions and Websense customer. "We're excited to see that TRITON from Websense will provide a single, unified platform to easily manage Web, data and email security across hybrid on-premise and SaaS deployments, so organizations like ours can set and enforce consistent security policies for the entire distributed organization, with centralized management and unified reporting. This will allow us to reduce costs without sacrificing security by deploying a mix of on-premise and SaaS solutions, while easily managing it all from one centralized location."

What partners are saying

"TRITON represents a game-changing security solution for Websense and its channel partners," said Paul Dhanota, owner, Evolve Technology Group, a Websense channel partner in Sacramento, California. "There's no question the unified content security architecture found within TRITON delivers a major technology advantage. Equally important is the flexibility, efficiency and IT management capabilities gained from using the new Websense TruHybrid deployment and TRITON management console. With TRITON, we can easily manage our on-premise and SaaS customers from a single management console which means incredible cost-savings and profitability gains."

"TRITON increases the value for our customers by reducing total cost of ownership and delivering a single security solution that integrates the industry's best Web, email and data loss prevention security technologies into one unified architecture," said Larry Dannemiller, president and CEO, Business Security Solutions, a Websense channel partner in Houston, Texas. "With TRITON, Websense has simplified the value proposition and proactively protects from modern security threats so our customers can safely and securely take advantage of emerging technologies like Web 2.0 and cloud applications."


The Websense TRITON solution is currently available to qualified organizations as part of an early adopter program. It is planned to reach full general availability for upgrade and purchase in April.

For more information and to register for a white paper and webinar on the benefits of hybrid security, visit http://www.websense.com/TRITON.

About Websense, Inc.

Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in integrated Web, data and email security solutions, provides Essential Information Protection for approximately 40,000 customers. Distributed through its global network of channel partners, Websense software, appliance and software-as-a-service (SaaS) security solutions help organizations block malicious code, prevent the loss of confidential information and enforce Internet use and security policies. For more information, visit www.websense.com.

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