Triumfant Worldwide Malware Signature Counter Reaches 5 Million In Less Than One Year

Counter began 2009 at 2.6 million, aligning with the total number of signatures created by Symantec

October 15, 2009

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Rockville, MD, October 14, 2009 " Triumfant', creator of patented software that automatically detects, analyzes and remediates unexpected changes and conditions at the endpoint, today announced that its Worldwide Malware Signature Counter has surpassed 5 million, marking a jump of over 800,000 signatures created in just under three months.

The Triumfant Worldwide Malware Signature Counter began 2009 at 2.6 million, aligning with the total number of signatures created by Symantec as reported in its 2008 'Internet Security Threat Report.' The counter originally started counting at a rate of one signature every twelve seconds, but has increased its pace throughout the year to track with the most recent growth rates reported by multiple security companies such as Symantec and McAfee. The rate is currently at one signature every eight seconds and the number of signatures created this year already exceeds the total number of those created to-date.

Antivirus (AV) vendors are quickly recognizing that using signatures alone cannot protect customers from attacks and as a result, they are adding non-signature-based technologies, such as reputation-based analytics, to their product lines. By their nature, products that rely on technologies like reputation-based analysis are only providing a partial answer, leaving enterprises vulnerable to new attacks and giving them a false sense of security during the interval between when a new attack is introduced to when it is identified and a signature is ultimately created and distributed.

"As 2009 comes to an end, it is clear that signature-based technologies alone can not protect the enterprise. AV vendors are realizing that they are unable to keep up with the creation of malware, as they release new products to deal with the onslaught of malicious activity," stated Jim Ivers, CMO, Triumfant. "While the major vendors are making incremental improvements, there is still a significant need in the market for innovative, new technologies that can protect the endpoint without having prior knowledge of an attack and that are able to quickly and automatically remediate any damage caused by malware."

There is simply no argument that, in spite of numerous new approaches to endpoint protection, a considerable number of attacks still make it to the endpoint. The unique capabilities of Triumfant Resolution Manager provide post intrusion detection without the need for prior knowledge of the attacks. Beyond detection, Resolution Manager represents a significant step forward in security automation as it is uniquely able to analyze and remove the detected malware and return the machine to its pre-attack state within a matter of minutes. Resolution Manager's patented analytics identify and correlate all of the changes associated with the attack, enabling it to build a situational and contextual remediation without the need for human intervention.

Resolution Manager also builds a normative whitelist of the applications running in the organization's endpoint population. When a user installs an application that does not exist in the whitelist, Resolution Manager can be configured to immediately remove that software from the endpoint. Unlike other whitelist tools and reputational scoring implementations that can only warn the end user of a potential threat, Triumfant builds a remediation to remove the software and address any potential secondary payloads or configuration changes that may have been part of the install process. Organizations can also build explicit whitelist and blacklist policies to create more precise management of unauthorized applications.

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Triumfant' leverages a one-of-a-kind ability to discover, diagnose and repair unwanted changes to endpoint computers and servers to create compelling solutions for endpoint security, compliance and configuration management, and incident and problem management. These solutions, powered by the Triumfant Resolution Manager platform, enable businesses and government agencies to reduce IT support costs, minimize security risks, enforce continuous compliance and increase quality of service. For more information, visit

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