Trend Micro Announces Threat Management Services

New network security overwatch service targets threats that have evaded conventional security

October 13, 2009

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CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ --Trend Micro announced today a new Threat Management Services offering that provides enterprises with "network security overwatch" - a security layer that strengthens an organization's existing security infrastructure against active, data-stealing malware that have evaded detection from their existing security solutions. Trend Micro(TM) Threat Management Services uncover these threats and provides proactive early warning, containment and remediation; enterprises gain increased protection, greater visibility and less management complexity.

Unlike security solutions that are unaware of active data-stealing malware infiltrations within the network, Threat Management Services strengthen protection of corporate assets. It achieves this through three key components:

-- A network anti-malware technology that identifies, analyzes and mitigates corporate-wide threat security issues. -- A signature-less cleanup technology effective against known and new malware. -- Trend Micro global threat security experts to secure corporate data and offer security expertise for IT departments; services also include 24/7 malware infection monitoring, remediation and security planning.

GUESS, Inc., one of the most widely recognizable apparel companies across with globe with over 1,100 GUESS and GUESS Accessory retail stores worldwide and counting, recently implemented Trend Micro Threat Management Services.

"I have not seen the equal of the Trend Micro Threat Management Services in the market -- it is very unique," said Scott Forrest, network manager in IT at GUESS, Inc. "It showed us exactly where our security solutions were falling short. Within 20 to 30 minutes, and with very little up-front work, it was up and running. It was intuitive for our engineers right off the bat, and we could see what was happening on nodes and on the network in general. We hadn't had this visibility before, and the service gave us great insights into our overall threat security environment."

Threat Management Services consists of three packages that provide a range of threat detection and security planning advisory services. They include:

-- Trend Micro(TM) Threat Discovery Services:This package includes the Threat Discovery technology that allows IT to identify, analyze and mitigate corporate-wide threat security issues including undetected infections, risky behaviors and practices, potential malware entry points, and other situations posing vulnerabilities. Using Trend Micro's around-the-clock global threat intelligence that is part of the Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network(TM) infrastructure, customers gain significant visibility into a variety of information security risk factors across their network through customized daily and weekly reports. -- Trend Micro(TM) Threat Remediation Services: This package includes the Threat Discovery Services features as well as 24x7 monitoring, proactive early warning alerts, and remediation advisory services for stealthy, data-stealing malware. It consists of Trend Micro expert Threat Management Advisors working proactively, 24x7 to monitor the customer's network for infections. -- Trend Micro(TM) Threat Lifecycle Management Services:This package encompasses features in the previous packages and extends them to include automated threat remediation and root-cause analysis technology coupled with proactive security planning services from a dedicated Trend Micro Threat Management Advisor.

All three service packages are designed to strengthen and work alongside existing security infrastructures that inevitably have security gaps exploited by stealthy, day-zero threats. Free, 2-week trial Security Threat Assessments conducted by Trend Micro highlight the reality that most companies are not as secure as they think: Of the 130 Security Threat Assessments conducted between October 2008 and August 2009, Trend Micro discovered that 100 percent of all participating enterprises were infected with active malware.

Not only are computers hiding unknown threats, new research from Trend Micro indicates that malware resides on computers a lot longer than previously thought. During analysis of more than 100 million compromised IP's, Trend Micro has identified that the peak number of infected IP's are infected (or repeatedly infected) for more than 2 years, with a median infection length of 300 days for the top countries. Eighty percent of all compromised machines have been infected for more than a month.

"Conventional security technologies such as endpoint antivirus, Web security gateways, email security gateways and IPS solutions are struggling to keep up with today's targeted attacks that are designed to be stealthy and go undetected while they systematically steal sensitive data," said Thomas Miller executive vice-president and general manager, Trend Micro. "Organizations need a security defense layer like Trend Micro Threat Management Services to provide visibility into where malware is hiding, proactive warnings, and effective measures to contain the threat and clean up the network."

Trend Micro Threat Management Services are part of Trend Micro(TM) Enterprise Security solutions - a tightly integrated offering of content security products, services and solutions which is powered by the Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network(TM). Trend Micro Enterprise Security delivers immediate protection from emerging threats while greatly reducing the cost and complexity of security management.

Pricing & Availability for North America

Trend Micro Threat Management Services is available immediately. Pricing varies by package choice, deployment option (hardware, software or VMWare appliance), and seat count. For the 501-1,000 seat level, the Threat Discovery Services package starts at $15K; the Threat Remediation Services package at $23K; and the Threat Lifecycle Management package at $50K.

For more information on Trend Micro Threat Management Services or the free, 2-week Security Threat Assessments, please visit:

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